September 26, 2012

Haduuhhh.. Slalu gini nih klo babehna lg ga di rumah, apalagi klo pake acara nginep ke bandung.. Pasti seringna ibu na malah ngendon di kompii deehhhh…
Sampe lupa waktu tau2 udh terang aja (˘_˘”)
Pdhl udh dr kmrn siang ya kita duduk di kompi trs cil (¬.¬”) Maapppp yaaaa :*

Mdh2an hari ini babehna urusan na lancar semua, berhasil dgn baik semua.. Supaya semua senaaannggg 😀
Dan nanti sore bisa pulang lagi ke rumah dehh \(´▽`)/

This is me.. A mother to be who is sometimes can be so ignorant, so selfish, without thinking about you, baby.. Forgive for all my bads..
You just need to know, that i never do bad things on purpose.. Both of you, both of my child..
Me love you so much…



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