When You’re Gone

December 8, 2010

*menghela nafas panjang*


23rd November
You finally arrived in my world
Without breathing
Without giving me a chance to hear you crying
Without giving me a chance see you alive

All the pains I’ve been through for the last 9 months seems useless
All the expectations
All the preparations
All the hopes
All gone in a blink of an eye

Surely God had more important plan for us
And surely He loves you too much
So He decided to take you away from us
I’m still trying to believe that
To believe that you’re in a much better place right now
To believe that you’re still happy without me
I try so very damn hard not to question anything
Instead I choose to have faith in faith

Your leave is breaking my heart into pieces
Don’t know how long this pains will be gone
Tears keep falling when thoughts of you come across the mind
This heartache feel hurts like hell
But they don’t have medicine for heartaches
Only time will heal the wound

This lost
The lost of a child
Is an unbearable experience
But I will survive, baby
Please stay close in my heart
Be my strength
Be my sunshine in rainy days
‘Cause a mother’s lost is not a simple lost
It seems like ripping my heart in pieces
Turning the whole life upside down
I’m gonna need all the strength I could have
I’m gonna need your strength

I’m here to deliver you into this world
And I’ve done my duty
I just not meant to be the mother like I used to dream of
I just not meant to have you

People say,
“God doesn’t always give you what you want,
Instead He gives you what you need.. To teach you, to be grateful of, and to be learned..”

I love you, baby
More than my whole life
I would give anything just to have you back in my arms alive
I would do anything
I will never forget the way your body feel close to mine
I will never forget how you look
I will never forget the very first time I touch you
I will never forget everything about you
Since you’re a part of me
My blood, my soul, my love runs through all over you
I’m the pieces of your life that only had a little part, deliver you to this world

I’ll be seeing you again
When the time is right
When the time has come
We’ll be together once again
And finally I will be complete…

In Memoriam of Sograt Gurnitha
..My Boy, My Son, My Life..

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Sograt Gurnitha


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